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How a Divorce Lawyer Can Help You Split Your Assets

How a Divorce Lawyer Can Help You Split Your Assets

Many people see divorce as a failure that no one goes through, despite the divorce rate being around 41% for a first marriage. If you're going through a divorce, you may not know where to turn when it comes to dividing assets. This is where a divorce lawyer can help. Typically when a divorce involves disputes over finances or physical assets, the process can become challenging. An attorney can help properly pursue your case.

Asset Discovery

In contentious divorces, it is common for one spouse to try and hide their assets to avoid paying more in alimony or to retain more of the marital assets. Your divorce lawyer has the experience to review financial documents and spot discrepancies that can indicate hidden assets. Your lawyer will also have expert forensic accountants and investigators that can track down transfers of property or other hidden assets.


Many couples have items that are significant to both parties and so they argue over who gets to keep those items, even if they are not valuable. Your attorney will be able to negotiate without the emotional attachment so that your spouse doesn't withhold the financial support you deserve in exchange for items of little financial value but a lot of emotional value.

If you have children, there is a whole new layer of negotiation involved in the divorce process, especially if you intend to co-parent smoothly. Your attorney will work out a fair schedule for custody that allows the children to have equal weekday and weekend time with both parents. Part of these negotiations will include tuition payments for schooling, who can claim the children on their taxes, and who's insurance they will be on.

Divorce attorneys and their staff provide a valuable service in making sure you get the best deal out of your divorce not only in making sure you get a fair portion of the assets but also ensuring significant pieces of property are retained by the party who values them. Divorce attorneys are also your best resource for scheduling custody and ensuring co-parenting works out best for your children.

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